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Thread: Note to the UAMCC board of directors

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    Default Note to the UAMCC board of directors

    When you see an opportunity staring you in the face like what Ron wants to do with the NCE and promote the UAMCC....take it. You don't get to many easy offers and when they appear have an emergency meeting if need be for the minutes and get it done.

    Stop the bickering and saying this guy is this and that guy is that...lets do this like a business and make it work like one. Follow the rules and the Robert Rules of order but also be prepared to ammend the rules thru the proper channels when a tremendous benefit now can be had by other UAMCC members. Don't get bogged down with the "I just can't stand this guy" and then come up with bogus or real reasons why you don't. Nobody cares. What people want is this current board to be successful and to do that take advantage of anything that someone is offering you that will benefit all of your members.

    Lets all work together and put aside the negative stuff. Once again I have to quote Guy Blackman who told me this over a phone conversation "To get to the future you have to forget the past" My only answer to that is to never forget the past but learn from it to get to the future and I am trying by just posting this here.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Note to the UAMCC board of directors

    Man I hope they dont pull this post. It may be a violation of Kens new rules as the admin. I hope not because this is the UAMCC bb and where else to discuss the UAMCC then right on there own board. I wasn't attacking but all I am trying to do is give some positive advice. I hope the UAMCC board see's this and Ken doesnt make it disappear. As for Ken....Keep it real and let the thinkers think allowed and dont condemn them for doing that. Nobody I know on the the net have given a more thought out details to most post as you have and you did it with the freedom of knowing that your words would not be taken from you. Please give us the same curtousy here if you can find the heart and the head to do so. I am not attacking anyone but I am offering some idea's and free advice could be golden if something good comes out of it.

    So I ask Ken don't alter or take away my post because I am only trying to help...

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    Default Re: Note to the UAMCC board of directors

    John, I do not let personal feelings interject with business. I do my job here as admin as governed by rules and guidelines. I do not delete ideas or free speech that is done in a professional manner as you have done here. I am going to move this to the member's area suggestion box as per The BOD will read this and as such will react to it as they see fit.

    I'll leave this here for seven days so you don't think I deleted your post (as per the the above guidelines). I am also closing the thread as per the guidelines.
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