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    Default The KING is Rockin

    and I'm not talking about Elvis.

    Man I am soooo pumped about this season. This week was the biggest single week for biz in the history of The JL Pressure Washing company. man I wasn't sure we could do it and its been a little tough. I had 6 good sized jobs and some little stuff thrown on top of that. Our schedule is so packed, we had to and are jamming in projects that have to be done in the early Spring, well this week took the cake and WE GOT IT DONE, have to finish up a couple things today and a project Saturday but WE DID IT!!!!

    Man we had 4 machines break down, one pump had a hole blown right throu it, It was down for a couple days but Bob of Pressure Tek, got me the pump in two days at my door, had pressure switches go, belts break, new spark plugs, mystery breakdowns etc etc, all the breakdowns added to the drama of this week. Its a PITA when you have 3 machines down at the same time on a busy week

    SO PUMPED!!!!!

    Man I got to thank my guys, they have been killing themselves, workinhg 10, 12, 13 hour days 6 days a week at times, ya they get paid for it, but they have done excellent work. I have gone behind them on every job and inspected their work. AWESOME job they have done

    Also want to thank some of my friends and local contractors for jumping in and helping on some projects, Thanks Christian, Dave V and Donny, you guys kicked butt and got it done for us, THANKS!!!!!!

    I LOVE THIS BIZ, It wasnt what you would call nervous, but there was some wondering involved in my master plan LOL, it was a lot of work and shuffling of help this week to get it done.

    Jobs on top of jobs on top of jobs. The KING lives!!!!!!!!!!

    Life is Good, you all have a great weekend

    Jeff TPWKOMB

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    Hmm, getting an error when I posted. Didn't even think the first post went through
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    Quote Originally Posted by A-PLUS View Post
    Next year I want to trade places with Christian. LOL
    Next year, I want to trade places with Jeff!!!
    Scott Davis
    Confident Roof Cleaning

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    Quote Originally Posted by A-PLUS View Post
    Next year I want to trade places with Christian. LOL
    I'm not sure you really want to, he had to do gutter scrub on 38, 2 story buildings. Thats a lot of long arm work

    Thanks Dave

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    How are you Jeff???

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