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Thread: 2010 June Coil Cleaning Class

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    Default 2010 June Coil Cleaning Class

    We just finished the full class for spring 2010. This will be the LAST one during hot months, guaranteed!!! It was 111 the first day on the roofs and 116 the second. This is the time of year we switch to night work.

    This class was small with two men from a Canadian Coil cleaning company and Lou from Hoods and More. It was a good time for all!

    BTW, the picture you see below on the youtube link was right after a hilarious event. Lou didn't make sure the adjustable angle wand was pointed straight and he ended up turning around in a circle and wrapping himself up in hose in a split second. It was like a cartoon. We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt!


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    Great Video when it was UP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Musgraves View Post
    Great Video when it was UP
    Occasionally I have to remove videos that show too much being done the right way.

    Almost all my videos show some things being done the wrong way. On purpose.

    I don't mind helping a legitimate contractor but I am not here to educate crackheads for beer money.

    If you copy my videos you will destroy something and you will go out of business in short time.

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