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Gutter clean out
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Thread: Gutter clean out

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    Who does gutter cleaning. We have been doing it for years

    Thats my roof monkey Nick, training a new guy a few months ago. Still doing gutters like crazy, the new guy he's longgggg gone. 20 years old, lazy, slow and thought he knew everything and knew nothing

    Gutter cleaning is good work
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    More of my A Team

    Ihave a good group of guys. Just fired another guy, his work was never consistent

    My foreman Derek in the green jacket used to do the gutters too, until I was doing a safety meeting and talked about a guy falling off a roof an dying and ever since then he's real shaky on roofs, it weird, Not a problem he's still my best man, he is an animal and just never stops and never complains
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    Like I said gutter cleaning is good work. See the pole in his hand, that helps alot with gutter cleaning. You blow the debris out and can use the pole to help dig out stuff that is jammed in gutters. Its just a small extension pole with a paint roller handle on it, one of the small rollers
    We also use a electricians fish to make sure down spouts are cleared. 2 guys can clean, 10, 20, 30 or more buildings a day
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    I do it but I hate it. The only time people want it done is when the gutters are over completely stopped up and over flowing. Everything in it is wet and muddy. A blower wouldnt work too good on those LOL. Walking them aint easy either, becuase its the h.o.'s with 2 story houses and a 8 or 10-12 pitch on them. Those are the ones that call me every time.

    Oh well its work.
    East Tenneessee Power Washing
    Chad Johnson

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    We cant seem to get enough for them. They are super easy, But I tell someone $100, and they about fall out of their chairs.
    Scott Davis
    Confident Roof Cleaning

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    Lots of gutter cleaning around these parts. Same problem with me though that the gutters are usually crammed full of sludge, mud and rotten leaves. Dont get much of dry leaves only that I could just blow out. Still good money though and its one of those service that I am comfortable leaving a couple of guys on the job while I go on another job and I dont have to stupervise
    Florin Nutu

    Seattle Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing
    email--- allwashedupexterior@gmail.com

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