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    Then its just mold/algae and not Oxidation. It can't be. Can it?
    Scott Davis
    Confident Roof Cleaning

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    Hey Jeff, I was told that stuff worked real well by another local cleaner, so before I took it to a real customers house I thought I would give it try at Casa de Borio. Well like all good plans that on blew up right in my face. Fortunately it was my house. Also we've talking about new gutters for a couple of years, so I really didn't have anything to lose. As for the Vinegar and water, if that is what the gutter maker recommends, as a true pro shouldn't we follow the manufacturers recommendations???? Also have you ever tried anything or used a product that came from somewhere other than the regular distributors????? You know you ran out on the road and just grabbed something to get by on? Not really your first choice for a product just something that will work? Not looking to pick fight here but that comment about "just get what works and what the pros use" kinda rubbed me wrong. I didn't say it was what I normally use, I said I tried it. On my house. If it worked at $4.00 bucks a gallon that's a really cheap cleaner that a guy could run out and grab if needed. Well my personal experiment shows it works a little too well. So if I EVER try it again it will be diluted.
    Randy Borio
    Panther Outdoor Maint. Service

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    Quote Originally Posted by A-PLUS View Post
    No, for tiger stripes I usually brush with gutter cleaner.
    Same here.

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