I scanned this and judging by the age of the original post somepressure isn't on the board any more. I have had the "Thought" of doing something similar in the past but it ended there at a Thought. if you wanted to put something like this together it would be better to have a flat monthly rate. all cars must be done weekly and you would have to designate 5 tightly knit areas to wash one for each day of the working week. If you wanted to generate $10,000 a month which as we all know is low for a full scale pwing rig you would bill out $50 per customer once a month, and wash 40 cars a day. Target office buildings with lots of employee's to try and wash a dozen or more at one stop. at the end of the week you would wash 200 cars for about 12.5 a piece. Well that could work but finding 200 customers that want to pay for it might be a stretch, setting up reclaim getting permission from the property owner, doing a quality job worth 12.5, and making it efficient is alot more headache than needed to generate a buck in our industry.

Could you make it work- yeah, in my market I don't think so