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Thread: $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

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    Default $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    Contest Rules:

    1. Post in this thread. You have to post a job, your rig or yourself. (Only one is required to be entered into a random drawing for the Foamer.
    2. All posters must have a valid signature.
    3. Please Thank Mike in Post for being so generous.
    4. If you have bought product from Mike, Robert or Larry include some comments about your experience.
    5. Only one winner will be drawn and one pump giving away.

    Other than that good luck and the drawing will be random and the date will be announced sometime during Texas meeting Live. This is posted on other Boards and if you post on those your chances will increase by the number of BBS you are participating on.
    Of course shipping outside the USA will not be included; shipping in the continental USA will be included. Good luck and get posting.

    One winner will be Chosen in a live drawing during the Florida round table randomly.

    SS Hand Held Airless Foamer - Sales for $212.00
    Requires: 800 PSI and up water pressure
    • Durable stainless steel construction ideal for good grade applications
    • Works with any heavy duty pressure washer with ľ” QD Socket attachment
    • Generates wet clingy foam for increased dwell time and chemical performance
    • High performance foam projection, over 25 feet! (Tested with 4 GPM flow @ 3000 PSI)
    • Ideal for covering large areas in short period of time
    • Metering system provides very consistent chemical injection
    • Machined stainless steel airless foam wand
    • 10’ chemical tube with strainer
    • 0 degree and fan nozzle
    • Stainless steel chemical check valve
    • Colored-coded metering tips for up to 21 dilution ratios

    Thanks DCS

    ...$212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!

    If you dont enter you can't WIN!!!!!!

    We reserve the right to change the contest!

    Its ON SALE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    This is the Same Foamer

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    Default Re: $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    Mike thanks for supporting the industry.
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    Karvonen's Pro Clean
    Southwest Georgia's Pressure Washing & Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Professionals
    Scott "Squirtgun" Karvonen

    Southwest Georgia's Pressure washing and No pressure roof cleaning professionals

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    Default Re: $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    Here's one of my rig before a Christmas parade. Thanks Mike.

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    Default Re: $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    What are people using these foamers for?

    Thanks Mike.
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    Arkansas Pro Wash is an awesome Pressure Washing Company that specializes in Sidewalk Cleaning and Gum Removal. Check us out on Facebook. Call or Text 501-580-0223.<marquee> Free FREE Events </marquee>

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    Default Re: $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    Foamers are used by alot of trades , Kec, fleets, housewash guys & flatworkers.

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    Default Re: $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    See Dirt Run!TM Inc.
    Log Home Maintenance & Restoration, Decks & House Washing
    Beth Borrego & Rod Rodriguez
    Office: 301-540-1243
    Germantown, MD * MHIC# 86481 * VHIC# 2705-126609 * BBB
    The Grime Scene BBS Forums

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    Default Re: $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    Looks pretty cool dont have pics on this new computer old computer is locked up waiting for the ifo. to be removed but will post some pics soon.Anyhow Ron that is pretty cool tool.Thanks bro!!
    CLEANHOODS formally S&M Cleaning Services since 1997
    call 24/7>>>>>>> (828)632-7688 office
    High quality exhaust system detailer...emergency services available...fair rates....guaranteed inspection approval !
    Owner: Marko
    Visit Cleanhoods at: or Or E-Mail

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    Default Re: $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    Ive got one , they are nice, I could always use one for the other rigs. Thanks Mike for providing this free drawing. I bought mine last year at your RT event.
    Michael Tessaro
    Centex Pressure Washing Service
    P.O.Box 1432
    San Marcos,TX 78667-1432

    Hood Cleaning Texas

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