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Thread: Reclaim LAWs and Regulations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carolina ProWash View Post
    Now, back to the "non professionals" who don't even make an attempt to comply - if true pros in the industry would embrace working with these rule makers, we could eradicate the non-compliers simply by supporting enforcement of rules that we help to create.
    Celeste, I agree with that statement 100% as long as we have enough restraint to author BMP's that make sense rather than falling for the trap of trying to author BMP's that serve to only line our pockets while intentionally limiting competition.

    Whoever is going to post here in regards to this should clarify their stance on government involvement.

    I'm going to start a poll in another thread.

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    Good Point Tony

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    Great Post Tony
    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Shelton View Post
    Why aren't we looking into onsite treatment? The NDTDBR (nothing down the drain but rain) claim is false representation of the federal law. Local governments hear that crap and build it into their BMP's because they are uneducated in the law.


    This is a PERFECT reason for having a national org. BUT if our own members are going to spout off that NDTDBR lie, then we have no hope. We will eventually be legislated out of business just like they got rid of freon 12 based on a lie. The lie was repeated often enough that everyone took it to be the truth.

    There's nothing wrong with full vacuum reclaim if that's what a contractor wants to sell their services based on. It's a financial commitment and should be exploited as such to get more business. It is a step above required compliance in MOST jurisdictions and should be sold as such, not sold as a current "requirement". (except in cities where it IS a current requirement)

    Do you guys have any idea how toxic runoff is from new concrete construction in COMPARISON to the miniscule amounts of runoff contract cleaning produces???? ? Yet, the concrete runoff CAN and IS roughly filtered (by gravity) and then LEGALLY sent right down the storm drain. That is because the concrete and construction industry has successfully lobbied and worked towards more sensible restrictions.

    How is it that concrete, stucco, paint, and an assortment of other contaminants from construction can be filtered with as little as an oil sock and sent right down the drain, but we think pulling around a carpet cleaner on steroids is the only way we can comply? We have been brainwashed and frightened by the manufacturers AND by those who have SPENT A LOT OF MONEY ON EQUIPMENT and don't want anyone else to prosper based on the actual law.

    Is there anyone out there who would care to read the entire CWA (as I have) and please stand with me on this and lets try to do for our industry what the construction industry did for themselves.

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    Unfortunately my stance still allows the regular contractor like 95% of us to stay in business. That goes directly in opposition to the manufacturers and distributors who like to take money from the gullible contractors who devalue their business by borrowing from the bank to buy this equipment or only survive because they have money left from dead relatives.

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