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View Poll Results: If you are a professional it is perfectly acceptable to lobby the local/state/federal government and

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Thread: Government involvement Poll

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    Interesting topic. Those great Government regulations. LOL Now that scares me. I noticed the topic of cleaning solutions was touch upon. The eco-friendly. Great buzz word and marketing approach. Now I am not saying it isn't a good thing. Just when I watch what the farmers are spraying on the fields here in, just Iowa, not counting the rest of the country I cannot see much eco-friendly going on and farming is Government regulated. Just look at what went on with the farm Bill in Congress. I won't go into all the industry that fills out water and air everyday. That is Government regulated also right? I was a boat captain in the north Atlantic for many years and you wouldn't believe what is floating out in the oceans.

    Okay, I am off topic, but Government regulations only tend to work when they want them to in my opinion. Now if someone wants to spend the money and time to get a regulation in place, well, good luck. I have a hard enough time getting a permit to add onto my garage from the city. LOL

    Strictly from a business point of view. If it should open a door for me to further my business I'll walk though it. Nothing personal, just business. Welcome to free enterprise!
    Bruce Sullivan
    Sullivan Roof Cleaning

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    Whats Everyone think Years Later ?

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    Interesting Poll

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