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Thread: 2011 UAMCC Convention

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    Hey Guy have you guys narrowed down what states you might hold this Convention in?? I can give you a few tips and maybe help with some advice if needed along the way but this time I need to take a break from it all untill maybe Next time around. Being on the Convention committee twice was an enjoyable experience most of the time. It can get stressful if you shoot for the stars like we did for the last UAMCC Convention. The big mistake IMHO the last time was that the UAMCC started with a way to high guaranteed room block. If you don't meet the minimum on that its going to cost and can cost big. Jeff Might remember this better then me but we promised around a 500 room block. I guess the figuring was that if you can keep people there for lets say 4 days then you need 125 rooms a day blocked off. 3 days then approx 167 rooms blocked etc etc. Whatever, we promised to guarantee them 500 rooms. Now with that other things come much cheaper such as using Convention rooms. Might of had that thrown in for free or for a minimal cost. I don't remember the specifics but the panic feeling set in when we only had 300+ rooms booked. From what I was hearing back then because of not hitting our room block number this was going to cost the UAMCC $10,000 additional.

    Without going down that road again when u think about it we did pretty darn good to book those 300+ rooms. Some people like myself and others paid for rooms to be given to a contest winner or whatever creative idea that we could come up with. In my case the winner was Darl Hite who won with a post on how he thinks the UAMCC can benefit him and his business. These were the type of donations that Guys like myself Jeff Rob and others did.....but........ it should have never came to that.

    We aimed to high. Also when I was with the P*W* I was on the Convention Committee when we held that yearly convention in Memphis. That was a killer Convention but of course we got influenced by the higher ups to book a monster dinner for all. This Dinner ended up costing us around $35/person and we had around 250 people there so do the math. Also we had to pay other monies that were off the charts to our ED then. That Convention to this day bothers me because it should have made $20,000-$30,000 for the org. But the above blunders were very costly. We aimed hi there to but we got bamboozled from our own.

    So my advice now would be to keep your heads on straight and when you get excited because you get some good news keep your feet grounded. If anyone wants to donate money thats up to them. Some will and some won't. I always did because I was pumped and I felt I got so much out of these conventions that I would easily make the money back when we go back to work and I did.

    So Plan modestly, Be realistic,Don't get blinded by your passion, figure how much money your idea's will cost then figure out how much you should make from it. You want to make something out of it and these Conventions should be money makers and done up with as much class as you can muster.

    Good luck and if there is any questions that you guys may need some help with and I can help with that feel free to call,email or post right here. Besides that I'll have to pass this time around to be involved with this committee.

    For any others this is a numro important Committee and rewarding also. Many will thank you at the Convention and that alone is priceless. I would highly recommend to any UAMCC member that if you have the time and you want to see a good show consider on getting involved with this committee and if you don't have the time your ideas can also be helpful to. Just food for thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Shelton View Post
    Let the P#na have their fancy dinners - we can have pig in the ground and some hot wings!

    (you've got to start somewhere!)
    Not for a convention but I like what William & Lou are doing the camping thing, wish they gave more time, i can't go Halloween and just would need more time to plan

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    No huge room blocks needed, many places will give free meeting room and discounted room rates with a modest estimate of attendees

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    Hey I will volunteer to do a break out session if the convention committee is going to do something like that. I could do it on searching PM's targeting PM's, Gorilla marketing to PM's in the condo townhome market it would be different than what I did in Myrtle Beach & New York I keep learning new stuff all the time.

    Just offering if you all need some speakers in 2011.

    Think about sponsors also to help pay. I remember when all on the convention committee laughed at me about a sponsorship for different things in the convention. But many people, vendors, companies, contractors did sponsor. The signage cost little and it brought in thousands of $$$$ Vendors and such will pay for the recognition and just to help. Something to keep in mind. Every single meeting I go to, every convention I go to has sponsors. I sponsor a ton of stuff in the orgs I am in, its the life blood of many huge & small orgs
    Just keep it in mind

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    FYI for everyone, I have had many dealings with booking/holding/marketing conferences all across the U.S. in another life, so I am familiar with the ins and outs. As for KISS, absolutely. This will be the 2011 UAMCC Conference. The format will be similar to Orlando, which I thought was very well thought-out and run. Meals will not be included, though some provision will be made for reasonably priced meals on-site. This is not brain surgery, but it would be too easy to over-do it. We won't.

    As for venue/timing, the thoughts right now are Myrtle Beach or Lexington/Louisville in either March or September. Nothing firm and I will be posting a few polls. Please keep your thoughts coming!
    John Orr
    Former UAMCC Board Member/Treasurer
    Low-Pressure Exterior Cleaning

    Free FREE Events www.uamccevents.com

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    If you need audio visual the guy that did Orlando just called me a couple weeks ago. He was so inexpensive he was 1/3 the price of the cheapest of any audio visual in Orlando and he came from Myrtle Beach. As you know John, you don't want to have to rent from the venue, they will kill you with their prices

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    March in a warmer region always got the highest votes by far back in the day. Early March in the Northeast is still pretty cold but many have just received there tax checks and also many are anxious to get there business rolling so no better way to do that then coming out of a Convention. September may be to Congested with the PWNA, The Parking Garage Conventions usually around that time frame and also the Next NCE Convention in Phoenix is scheduled for next September and that one is expected to be pretty large.
    Of course the problem with March is two things. Tom Vogel from PA holds his annual winter RT in the beginning of March and March itself is only 5 months away. This may put a rush on the Committee to get this done. Not saying they can't but it could be tough.

    Maybe March of 2012 should be considered because that gives the UAMCC alot of time to really establish itself. But then again if your going to do it with a big time "KISS" then the planning of it in 5 months shouldn't be to hard.

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    Even Nashville early next year would be nice, decent weather in march and a fun city after dark as well. The possibilities are endless on cities, I would love San Diego or somewhere on the left coast but centrally located in the states is going to be best. Another thing to look at is make sure Southwest airlines flies into that city or really close as flights on other airlines are getting outrageous and SW is usually the cheapest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russ Spence View Post
    why dont we all just go fishing together and drink beer and shoot the bull? Heck we all know how to run our business and how to do our job so why dont we just meet, bring the family and have a whale of a time just hanging out together?

    Does it really have to be so big?
    Where is the "Like" button?

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    Default Re: 2011 UAMCC Convention

    Let me know how I can help with this. And I will, as always, be 100% honest as to how much time I can devote. I want to do my share and contribute my time, energy and resources to ensure the UAMCC keeps moving full steam ahead.

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