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BEWARE--Ive been scammed--ALMOST--MUST READ!!
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Thread: BEWARE--Ive been scammed--ALMOST--MUST READ!!

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    Default BEWARE--Ive been scammed--ALMOST--MUST READ!!

    People be careful and triple check those who owe you money. This week as some of you know I sold my Bucket truck. 3 people tried to scam me and the last guy who I thought was possibly a scammer bought the truck.

    Basically watch out for anyone who sends you a check that is for to much and then they want you to wire them the difference to a phony shipper that in place.

    Here's what happened briefly and all in a week.
    1- Somebody copied the EBAY website and they sent me email thru the phony site to closed a deal. The site looked real and an exact duplicate. Great job except he was messing with Law enforcement. We tracked his IP to England and then I personally sent him a message just to sink it to him. If your Mother is alive..look into here eyes and tell her what you have done. You tried to rip off a hard working person thru fraud. Just think about your mother. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    2-Somebody else copied PayPal site to the tee and even put transaction numbers in it. Looked great but my Momma did not raise a fool....well not most of the time. I checked him out thru paypal and there powers to be and he has been reported for fraud. They have his IP address. Don't know where that one is going to go.
    3- Yesterday I get to checks from the guy who won my truck and another guy who thinks we have a deal even though he didnt follow thru fast enough. His check was for $2000 to much but he wanted me to cash it and send it to his shipper(Phony). So I take both of these checks to the bank and me and the manager now sit down and out comes the Magnifying lens. Both checks look great and are detailed to the tee. So the manager calls the first one which is the one I have no deal with the guy even though the check is much larger. The check comes from the University of Florida adminstrators office. It is an Exact copy. One problem the check numbers dont exist. The bank now takes that check and its being sent to the proper authorities. Needless to say the University of Florida is shocked.
    4-The last check we call the bank and its for real. The guy who bought my truck we have very little communication. End result bang the check is over nighted here and the next day the truck was picked up.
    Be Careful!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: BEWARE--Ive been scammed--ALMOST--MUST READ!!

    Always send suspicious emails sent by suspected fraudulent Ebay and PayPal phishing attempts to spoof@ebay.com or spoof@paypal.com. The have direct connection with Interpol and IC3 http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx (the FBI's Internet fraud division, and the take this crap seriously.

    Congrats John for not getting scammed by these POS waste of skin creeps that would try to steal for a working man.

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    Default Re: BEWARE--Ive been scammed--ALMOST--MUST READ!!

    They had a scam with certified checks. A certified check CAN be stopped, so beware!
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    Default Re: BEWARE--Ive been scammed--ALMOST--MUST READ!!

    I am attaching a pic of the "proper authority" that stuff like this usually end up at....

    I get hit at least 3 times a day with people trying to scam using the, send a check for bigger amount and send me cash scam. There is no real enforcement for the scams due to they are mostly from out of the country or are not a big enough amount for any authorities to care about. It seems that if they are not scamming for millions then they dont get investigated.
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