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    I hope everyone is out making $$ instead of surfing the net.
    Michael Tessaro
    Centex Pressure Washing Service
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    San Marcos,TX 78667-1432

    Hood Cleaning Texas

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    More like this:

    Michael - it would be nice if that were the case, but the other boards are fairly busy. One would at least HOPE for BOD call/meeting updates - or is everyone out working?
    Roger Gothorp

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    Yep working. The last call was info updates, Membership packets being mailed out, plans for RT Membership drives. I wrote a article for the news letter not sure why that wasn't be sent yet. John was not on the call, Mike T had a Death in the Family, Trevor got a bunch of work in PA. Life in general.

    Everyone is pizzing and moaning everywhere else, so I'm enjoying a quite board for a change.

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    We could generate posts and SEO by repeatedly patting each other on the back coil cleaning for every post like one of the other boards does air filter service.

    Free FREE Events

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    Seems like a good time for positive posts :)*
    Roger Gothorp

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