After I posted my last video a few day ago, I had some folks ask if I really used a surface cleaner on a deck for cleaning. I thought everyone did. This short video shows us using the surface cleaner on a deck. Deck work is all I try to use this one for it has adjustable wheels on it and I can raise and lower it to get the results I need it is also very light to tote up and down the steps. The major thing is to lean it back to start never start it on the deck and let off the trigger before stopping and never never stand still while it is running. It's only 16" with 2 nozzles they are oversized by a half size and on 25 degree pattern (reducing pressure not to gouge) it all aluminium deck with stainless bar and swivel made for Pettibone. I have used this on all the decks we have done in the last two plus years except one. the segment is near the front. Hope this clears up how I use it. let me know what you think.