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Thread: Roof Cleaning Chemical?

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    There are a number of different roof cleaning chemicals that you can buy on the internet and some of them might be worth looking into if you have no other options (just make sure they don't require the use of a power washing wand). Ideally, however, you would use a cleaning mix that is bleach-based. Perhaps you've heard somewhere that bleach is "bad" or will hurt your roof. What a bunch of garbage. You go swimming in your pool, don't you? If you're willing to swim in it and get it in your eyes and on your skin then why are you so scared of getting it on your roof? Roof cleaning bleach is the same chemical as swimming pool bleach and is perfectly safe for your roof and home if handled by a professional. Anybody that tells you otherwise is probably selling you a fad product that requires pressure!

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    Chemically cleaning your roof is both safe and extremely effective. Exclusive chemical mixture cleans on contact, dissolving mold/mildew at the root and depositing a preventative algaecide in its place. The algaecide is not rinsed from your roof surface, which allows complete penetration for the longest duration between cleanings. Generally tile roofs will need full cleanings every 2.5 years and shingle roofs every 3 years.

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    The roofing cleaning companies in my area offer better results in my compound. Justin |

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