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Thread: UAMCC By-Laws

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    Default UAMCC By-Laws

    Can someone please post or send me the current copy of the UAMCC bylaws??
    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: UAMCC By-Laws

    Mike Nichole will post them here Monday, they are on the BBS. I just do not have a Link handy

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    Default Re: UAMCC By-Laws

    Monday has come and gone.
    Doug Tripp
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    Default UAMCC By-Laws

    Doug, Nichole stays pretty busy taking care of the membership and org business. I'll ask her about it.
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    Default Re: UAMCC By-Laws

    This was posted on TGS Sunday, do you need it again here as well?
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    Default Re: UAMCC By-Laws

    UAMCC By Laws

    Last edited by Nichole Anglin; 02-27-2013 at 09:52 AM.
    Nichole Anglin

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    Default Re: UAMCC By-Laws

    Thanks Chris, Thanks Nichole.

    Nichole, in reading them there are some sections in red, are these proposed changes?

    Charlie, I think having them posted here would be a benifit to members so that when discussing them, they would not need to jump back and forth between bbs. Also, if you read the By-Laws posted on TGS, you will note they are not complete.

    I'll be back to ask more questions latter.
    Last edited by Doug Tripp; 02-28-2013 at 12:31 PM.
    Doug Tripp
    Valley Mobile Cleaning, Inc
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    Default Re: UAMCC By-Laws

    I read the by laws and have a question..... it states that "Classifications of membership in the Corporation shall be determinedby the Board of Directors." This relates to contractor & supplier memberships.

    Does this mean that the BOD votes
    on how to classify the persons wishing to join the UAMCC?? What level of input does any, each or all BOD members have individually and collectively have with respect to makig this decision??

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    So I have read the By-Laws as posted above and I have a couple of question, if allowed to ask them here.

    1) Article IV, section 6...requires two face- to- face meetings of the BOD annually..When and where did theses meetings take place in 2012 and where are the minutes of the meeting(s) posted?. I could not find them on this BBS.

    2) Article VII, section 2... requires all BOD officer candidates to have served on the BOD one year prior to their election. Did Ron (President), Doug ( Vice-President and Guy ( Secretary) fullfill this requirment ?
    Doug Tripp
    Valley Mobile Cleaning, Inc
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    Default Re: UAMCC By-Laws

    Quote Originally Posted by Nichole Anglin View Post
    UAMCC By Laws

    Boy Nichole you sure are something certified lol
    Steven Mendez
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