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    Quote Originally Posted by John Burdine Jr View Post
    Your math is basically right, technically 10:1 has a total of 11 parts, one part being injected, so your a little under 1% hitting the house. A quick tip for down the road...a common problem with downstreaming I used to have (especially with hose reel, couple hundred feet of hose whip line etc) is that there is a bottle neck a the trigger that reduces the venturi effect. You want a gun rated for at least 12gpm, the best I've found is a blue one rated at 13.2 gpm, can't remember the name of it right now.
    Great Point John!!

    I would also get away from adjustable Injectors, they are unreliable at best and switch to a fixed injector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy Blackmon View Post
    Great Point John!!

    I would also get away from adjustable Injectors, they are unreliable at best and switch to a fixed injector.
    My adjustable are never adjusted, all ways wide open. Not even sure how I got them cause I've always used fixed.

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    Interesting point about the gun...How's that affecting DSing? I have 8GPM and my gun is rated at 10....What would 12GPM gun improve? Thank you
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    cleaned my 1st really moldy house today since getting the downstream setup and using these new chemicals.
    Works great!
    definitely wanna get some 15% sh or at least some 12.5 though.
    I dialed the adjuster down a bit.
    didn't really measure how much but I'm guessing somewhere between 7:1 and 9:1.
    house came out looking good.
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    Don't know about 15% sh. Strongest I can find is 12%. Try to contact local chemical companies in your area. I get it in 55 gallon drums.

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    15% by volume 12.5% free chlorine available are the same thing and many people are referencing the same chemical.. It can get very confusing if you want to talk about the actual amount of free chlorine available in any given situation. It's best to know what you are looking for and try to get near it. But if you want to have the exact same #'s every time , forget it. Your SH is losing free chlorine every day and that is changing the %, also your injector will draw differently with various length hose and will draw differently as it ages. Just keep it weak and increase if you need to. It is fine to add water to your bucket if it seems to strong. If thick green algae is disappearing in seconds it's probably too strong for vegetation. I would avoid the oxi-clean type surfactants, they are changing your ratio as well. Probably helping at first and making your bucket stale within 1/2 hour. Try the stuff Doug listed or the green stuff. Both are good.
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    +1 on what all the experienced guys seem to be saying here: don't try and turn DS ratios and your mix into an exact science / one size fits all because you'll just drive yourself nuts. It frustrates me that it's that way (I like everything to be very regular and specific) but I think the way forward really is to stay flexible and adjust based on all the myriad factors mentioned... such as temp, freshness of your love, injector, hoses, etc, etc... in the long run you'll save time by adjusting on the fly and always paying attention to how well your mix is working, as opposed to tapping your calculator trying to compute exact percentages :)

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