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    I went with a local agent, keeps the business in town and since I can meet them in person it was much easier to explain our service and get the appropriate coverage. We are insured through Erie
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy Blackmon View Post
    Bob, get in touch with Joe Walters Insurance, they are one of the biggest Insurance carriers for Pressure Washing Contractors. They know all the answers to all your questions and can answer them easily. Just call them.
    Absolutely, Joe is the official insurance provider of the Softwash Revolution!

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    Joe Walters! They are more than a insurance company. They can help in so many other ways. When I signed with them two years ago Joe took time to call me, asked about me and my business, gave me local contacts and cheche, patti and rest of girls are great. Best agent ever.

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    Yep he's my provider as well. Very easy to work with and awesome rates.

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    I have just become a new client of Joe Walters, great rates and the coverage I need for my cleaning business
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    Bob It's hard to find insurance that will take the time to understand what you are doing with roof cleaning, especially for comp. For us it was largely about the percentage of our employees time they spend on roofs and if they actually performed roofing.
    For the price you where paying I hope it was least 3 mill aggregate.
    Did you find a new policy yet? How did it go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gomez View Post
    Hey folks,
    Just wanted some feedback on what you do for insurance. Recently we were dropped from our carrier. In business 25 years without any was because they saw we do roof cleaning, along with deck cleaning. Anyone having the same difficulty? Just wondering what kind of classifications some of you are listed under with your carriers..
    When I told my company that I was doing roof cleaning they were ok with it as long as it was not above 3 stories tall. Not sure what it cost by itself but the whole policy was about $600 or 700 and the equipment was another $700. JW would not insure me down here because they say that I live in a flood plain, it has never flooded here in at least 150 years or longer but O Well. They would not cover my equipment either. Every year or two I will call them to see if they change their mind but after forgetting about me for several days and I call them back looking for a price, same old thing, flood plain and no equipment coverage.

    I have been with Nationwide for at least 5 or 6 years, cannot remember how long but I am switching over to State Farm, they just started doing business insurance last year and gave me better prices than Nationwide.

    I have had State Farm for my house and vehicles for about 18 years or so and they always give me great prices and great service so now it is time to give them the business part also. They had not done business insurance here in Texas in a long time, if ever but are now doing business insurance.

    What did your insurance company tell you when you were in their office and told them that you are going to start roof cleaning and needed a price for that added service? They should have told you right then and there that they don't insure this so there would not be a cancellation later on. Sounds like someone dropped the ball in a big way.

    You were upfront and honest with them, they should have been upfront and honest with you and told you that they don't insure roof cleaning companies.

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    I should have mentioned that I am getting the business insurance from a larger city, San Antonio as the local companies wanted anywhere from $1000 more to double what I am paying through Nationwide so I am with an out of town company until I switch to State Farm here locally.

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