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    Question Rookie here, needs help again

    Hey Everyone! I just got a call from a perspective client, she has an old building/warehouse that needs to be cleaned inside, building it's all empty, it has aprox. 2400 SQFT. They exposed all the rafters. She wants everything to be cleaned from top to bottom (Rafters, ceiling, walls and concrete floor), they have an scissor lift available. Building is about 20 ft high. (I don't have pictures available yet. I will be meeting her in a couple of hours and I will try to get some pictures). So at this point I have no idea in how really dirty it is. So here some of my questions. For a 1 guy operation, I got a trailer with a 3500PSI x 5 GL unit cold/hot. - For those experts out there, how long would take for you to do this job? and How much you would charge? I haven't a lot of experience, I have done most flat work and some houses. Ok, I think that's all ... for now.

    Thanks guys,


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    Gus, there are to many variables that need to be considered before just saying how much one would charge. Pics would help, but there are a lot of safety precautions, electrical being one of the biggest, that have to be taken into consideration as well. Also what all are you "cleaning". As in is it dirt. lot's of cob webs, dirt daubers, etc etc. 20 ffot high I doubt I would use a scissor lift, but again I don't know what all is above. You also have to be real careful w a scissor lift and not letting chems get on them..

    Post up some pics and we may able to help you more.

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    I am still waiting to hear how last job turned out. You know about 3 post down. Other than that I agree with doug

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