UAMCC Meeting Minutes
December 20, 2013
I. Call to order
Nichole Anglin called to order the regular meeting of the UAMCC at 1:02 PM Eastern on December 20, 2013.
II. Roll call
Nichole Anglin conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Ron Musgraves, Doug Rucker, John Orr, Chris Apple, Bill Booz, Charlie Soden, Tony Shelton, and Igor Zaric. Nichole Anglin was also in attendance.
III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
a) Previous minutes were not discussed.
IV. Reports
A) Director’s Report
Business Manager Notes
1) Website Updates Done
a) More events added to webpage
b) Added outside training list to training pages on website
2) Communications
a) Thank you notes to new/renewing members
b) Monthly Newsletter (Last Friday of Month)
c) Facebook promotions
d) Event postcards
e) Phone calls
3) Treasurer Report
a) PayPal: $592.40
b) Wells Fargo Operating Account: $18,813.39 ($13,140 Associate Member Fund)
c) Wells Fargo Education Account: $238.00
4) Membership Report
a) Renewing
a. 8
b) New
a. Donating – 17
b. Associate - 4
c. Total New - 22
c) Members
a. Contributing - 169
b. Associate – 35
c. Transition Team - 1
d. Total – 205
V. Discussions
a) Travel arrangements for Houston: UAMCC is paying for 2 nights stay at hotel for BOD. If a BOD member brings in 3 referrals UAMCC will cover airfare.
b) Discussed tickets for events. Each ticket will be numbered. This will allow us to know who is referring attendees.
c) Elections: Need to nominate committee
1) Charlie will head committee
c) Bill proposed store for UAMCC to sell merchandise. Will send proposal to review.
d) BOD Meetings will be changed to the Second Thursday of the month beginning January 9, 2014.
VI. Adjournment
Nichole Anglin adjourned the meeting at 1:55 pm Eastern. Doug Rucker made motion, Chris Apple second.