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Thread: Kinking Hose On Supply Reel?

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    Doesn't matter what kind of supply hose you buy, it will kink. Usually on the supply reel its where the hose connects to the reel. I remembered a trick that Bob posted one time about using a strap to help keep the the hose from kinking.

    I added a 3/4" street 45 to the reel to help a little more.

    Of course you can just reel out all your hose to get the kink out....but this little fix is so you don't have to.

    fill hose 001resz.jpgfill hose 004resz.jpgfill hose 005resz.jpgfill hose 006resz.jpg

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    That's a good tip. Most water fed pole hose that window cleaners deal with isn't very sturdy and kinking on a reel can be an issue. Thanks Guy.
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    Great tip Guy!
    Nichole Anglin

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    Excellent tip Guy. I remember taking one off one day, the clamp, and having a hard time getting it back on and thinking, what the hec does thing do i gave up and didn't put it back on. Next day after working I found some determination and put it back on.

    The 45 degree fitting is a great tip as well

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