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Thread: PWNA/UAMCC Outreach

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    I read Allison's latest post on PWI on the interview. She even alludes to being given wrong information by Robert and that she should have researched it further before doing the interview with him. It's clear what really happened here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristopher Pettitt View Post
    Wow if thats what you really believe then you're more of an idiot then I thought. Just to clarify Robert didn't lie it was a clear misunderstanding from both parties, had you been paying attention like a big boy you would have known this. Now why don't you continue on your suck up tour cause I'm done with talking with someone like you. In fact this will be my last statement to you ever. Don't ask anything of me because I will simply ignore any questions or comments you have towards me. In fact if this BBS aloud it I would block communications with you because its evidently clear that you only want to stir up problems with me because of your own personal reason. Have a nice life Mr Evans and goodbye.
    There is clearly a problem here that all the outreach and all the olive branches in the world can't solve.

    Anyone who could read what we have honestly said and what Allison finally reported, then say something like that is beyond any help any org or friend could give.

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    Kristopher. You are a huge waste of everyone's time. Get out of the way and let the grown ups handle some business
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    We also need to realize that Kristopher is the mouthpiece of Gamble on boards where Gamble can't post.

    So keep in mind, when talking to him we are talking the both of them and when he answers back he is just making arguments Jim has given him.

    He will never believe anything we say, proven or not because just like Robert, Gamble can do no wrong in his eyes.

    Waste of time and effort.

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    Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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    I am on the road to North Florida right now, so I can't elaborate too much. But I would like to make it crystal clear, this is not a PR tactic or gamesmanship. I don't even really view this as a UAMCC thing, this is an opportunity for leadership from both orgs to communicate.

    Face to face would be ideal - more could be achieved. But if this call doesn't go ahead, all is not lost - it is a starting point, and not 'victory' or 'loss' for either side.

    If there is a desire on both sides to open lines of communication, then it will happen. 'Rome wasn't built in a day'... And even if the only common ground is on a single topic, it is still progress.

    As a member of the UAMCC, I want our leaders focus, energy and time to be on moving forward. Likewise, I am sure PWNA members would want the same from their leaders.

    With both sides claiming to be a voice and advocate for their members and the industry alike - it is time to use their actual voices to initiate a productive dialogue. Otherwise, those 'voices' will continue to drown each other out.
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    Contact has been made between both organizations, however, due to the relatively short notice in the announcement of this proposed conference call, it has not been possible for all parties involved to attend.

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    Steven Button
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    Good job Steven ! I'm happy to have you as friend ! 3rd half is on me...
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    Yes thanks Steven , your efforts are appreciated

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    Yes thanks Steven. maybe we can get some common groud

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