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Thread: PWNA/UAMCC Outreach

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    In light of recent events related to BMPs and Wash Water Control in Orange County, and the subsequent fallout, I believe it would be beneficial to host a conference call. This call would be between PWNA Board of Directors, PWNA Environmental Committee, UAMCC Board of Directors and UAMCC Environmental Committee only.

    The sole purpose of this call is to ascertain if we can find common ground on key industry issues and open lines of communication in an official capacity.

    This initial call will not be open to public, although, it is our intention to host future 'town hall' calls to promote awareness, education, and inclusion on issues that affect our industry.

    Steven Button
    Communications Liaison

    Call Details

    Friday May 30, 2014

    Time: 6.00pm Eastern
    5.00pm Central
    4.00pm Mountain
    3.00pm Pacific
    Steven Button
    CleanFast USA

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    This would be a good thing.....I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy Blackmon View Post
    This would be a good thing.....I believe.
    At this point I don't think it could hurt....again, i don't think

    Doug Rucker-Owner/Operator
    Certified NCE Instructor
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    I'm in agreement with both Doug and Guy. This could be ( and I stress COULD BE ) the thing that brings both Org's. to the same page in our industry. It will not hurt to try.

    Rance Tilley
    Paducah, KY.

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    Kudos to the BOD of the UAMCC for taking the bull by the horns.
    Tony Evans
    A New View Exterior Cleaning
    UAMCC President
    319-325-9475 Call or Text

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    I'm just happy to see that both orgs have the willingness to find some sort of common ground. Even if it doesn't work out, I believe this is a great first step.

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    Kris there is no indication yet that the PWNA is interested in common ground. This first step was taken by the UAMCC. The ball is in their court now and we will see what they are made of by the way they respond.
    Tony Evans
    A New View Exterior Cleaning
    UAMCC President
    319-325-9475 Call or Text

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    If it's going to work BOTH SIDES will need to compromise. It doesn't matter to me who contacted who first just that both orgs are willing to talk.

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    We don't know if the PWNA will talk. After all it's been confirmed now that Robert lied in the interview with eClean so now we will have to see how the PWNA reacts to that.
    Tony Evans
    A New View Exterior Cleaning
    UAMCC President
    319-325-9475 Call or Text

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    Wow if thats what you really believe then you're more of an idiot then I thought. Just to clarify Robert didn't lie it was a clear misunderstanding from both parties, had you been paying attention like a big boy you would have known this. Now why don't you continue on your suck up tour cause I'm done with talking with someone like you. In fact this will be my last statement to you ever. Don't ask anything of me because I will simply ignore any questions or comments you have towards me. In fact if this BBS aloud it I would block communications with you because its evidently clear that you only want to stir up problems with me because of your own personal reason. Have a nice life Mr Evans and goodbye.

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