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    I've been using a industrial sized twist tie for my ladders for a while and I have found a new style that I think will be better. The old ones were covered by a foam that eventually breaks down. Here's a picture of the new ones.

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    I sue these also for keeping my ladders secure on the trucks.
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    I bought some they are Great little Ties

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    I have used some of those blue foam covered ties, once the foam wears off you realize it is only thick gauge solid copper wire with the plastic insulation, kind of like the Romex wire without the insulation holding all 3 wires together.

    Not sure of the gauge, probably 12 gauge or 10 gauge, I just bought some at the hardware store and cut off what I needed at each place where I tie things down and they have been working great for years now.

    It is nice having other colors, especially colors that are brighter so you can see them easier.

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    We have used these for awhile until we had a ladder fly of the ladder rack. They break off inside and you may never know it. There is a thin piece of metal wire inside the rubber coating and it will break with all the twisting, just like any wire will. We no longer use them. We do use them for tieing light items off to the trailer, but do not use them for heavy items like ladders. We use chains now for ladders.

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    I use them to hang light hoses from horizontal rails inside my box truck.
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