hi , everyone I am new to the uamcc.

I got a call from a realty company to remove gum and do a detail cleaning to 2 of there shopping centers and clean one of there new shopping centers.

Center 1 is 9 about 10,000 square feet which about 9,000 of it is very very dirty never been washed by a power washing company and is caked and i mean caked in bubble gum.

center 2 is about 700 sq feet and very very dirty and caked and i mean caked in gum .

center 3 is new concrete that was put down last spring and thats not that dirty or not not much gum at all and thats 7,000 sq ft .

They would like to be on a regular maintenance program for all centers one time in the spring and one time in the fall . they told me they want to keep it clean and not let it go as bad as it is now.

shopping center one is getting a face lift getting renovated .

Keep in mind this is in NYC area how much should i charge ? what do guys get for this type of work per sq foot for gum removal.

I will be using a hot water/steam machine landa 5gpm 3000 psi. I will be using the wand for gum removal then going over with my 21 inch surface cleaner with vacuum recovery .

they own over 70 properties on the east coast from new york all the way to florida. might be able to get job leads for other guys from this realty company.