I have been contacted to provide a quote for an O'Reilly Auto Parts at 2276 South Oates in Dothan Alabama. They have just finished an addition to the building and want to clean it all to match. I want to bid the building, parking lot and storefront. I would like to separate the areas for easy selection by the contractor. The building is approximately 10000 sq ft and the parking lot is approximately 21,000 sq ft. We have only done one other commercial job that was a gas station/auto parts store building only. Do we just cut in around the parking place painted lines or what? We would like to land this opportunity to get in this market so if we have to come in on the low side we can. My thoughts were 1600 on the parking lot and 800 to 1000 on the building but have no clue. Building is light dirty and the parking lot will require degreaser and light gum removal. Any help is appreciated.