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Thread: Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner

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    Default Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner

    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman, it has recently been brought to my attention we may need a reminder of what the UAMCC is all about. For those that are unclear on what we are about let me explain. 1. The UAMCC is here to raise industry standards through education and awareness. 2. To establish the best business practices for our industry. and 3. To help mentor and guide the next generation of Industry members to maintain the level of professionalism fostered through and with the UAMCC. If this is not something you agree with then maybe the UAMCC is not for you. We are here to help everyone who wants help succeeding in their business and learning their trade. And when I say everyone I mean everyone from the guy without a company name just getting started to our veteran members who maybe in need of technology training. In the UAMCC there are no questions pertaining to business or business development that should not be answered in a respectful manner. Any member issues need to be directed at myself or any member of the UAMCC Membership Committee.
    Marketing Director

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    Default Re: Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner

    Well said

    Tony Evans
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    Tony Evans
    A New View Exterior Cleaning
    UAMCC Vice President
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    Default Re: Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner

    Awesome, that's why we are PROUD members
    David Gatton
    Accountability Pressure Washing

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    Everett Abrams

    Default Re: Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner

    Very well stated!

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    Default Re: Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner

    I am in total agreement! These are some of the reasons I joined. Let's keep it professional. No drama needed or desired!
    Thanks Lani!

    Rance Tilley
    Paducah, KY.

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    Default Re: Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner

    Good After noon Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Here is a little recap of what’s been going on in the UAMCC. As many of you know the UAMCC National Convention & Expo is almost upon us. This year we are holding the Convention & Expo at The Park Expo & Conference Center in Charlotte, NC on September 21, 22, and 23. We will have 40,000 square of feet of Expo and classroom space twice as much as last year. There will be amazing education opportunities as well as some amazing prize give a ways. Mr. Nate Swarr our Certification Guru will also be in attendance to help answer any of your certification questions. This year Mr. Russ Johnson from Southside Equipment is sponsoring the Southside Lounge, which you will be able to relax at while you are attending the Expo. As part of the promotion of the event we have enacted a Public Awareness Committee headed by Mr. Todd Reese and Mrs. Kristy White with Board of Director Member Mrs. Jenelle Smith. Along with promoting the 2016 Convention the Public Awareness Committee will be creating media to bring more public awareness to the UAMCC Organization and it's contractors as a whole through social media and print media. The Public Awareness committee will work along side "UAMCC In a Box" in promoting the organization at various consumer trade shows through out the next year.
    The Environmental Committee has gotten Board of Director approval for an Emergency Response Fund and an Awareness Program, to help and promote the importance of Environmental concerns in the Mobile Cleaning Industry. Mrs. Dawn Evans and the Newsletter Committee have finished with Volume 9 of the UAMCC Newsletter, which focuses on Fleet Washing. They are in the final preparation stages of Volume 10, which will be released shortly as well. There will be some new changes with the certification program as well, we will be incorporating Fall Protection Safety into our UAMCC Certifications. The past couple of years we have had some events that lead to this decision.
    I have also initiated in the past month a procedure on the UAMCC Directory Listing Reviews. All reviews that post to a contractor listing are being posted to your individual listings every Wednesday and Friday.

    Thank you,

    LeiLani Chostner
    UAMCC Executive Director
    Marketing Director

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    Default Re: Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner

    Awesome report...thanks Lani

    Doug Rucker-Owner/Operator
    Certified NCE Instructor
    We own and operate a School for Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, and Soft Washing
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    Default Re: Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner

    Loved the letter. Keep up the great work Lani.

    Tony Evans
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    Tony Evans
    A New View Exterior Cleaning
    UAMCC Vice President
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    Default Alex Hennessey December 2nd Director's Report

    Hello UAMCC Members,

    There has been a lot that has happened since the last director’s report. The UAMCC has had multiple events like the National Convention and the Environmental and Safety show. We got a new Director who has implemented some cool new programs into the organization. We are at an all-time high for contributing members at 753. All this means is the UAMCC is constantly growing, changing, and taking on new tasks to better the organization.

    Oh my goodness was the national convention a hit. The sheer amount of people that attended was out of this world. There were demonstrations, a brand new course on Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, 27 different classes, prizes given out almost every hour, discounts on discounts from the associates, and best of all it was completely free to attend for contractors. Yes, we know the sound could have been better, but this was the first time we have ever been in this large of a venue so we take it as a lesson learned and will make sure to fix this problem. We have also had the Nashville show hosted by Southside Equipment that was free to attend for contractors as well as the Orange County Environmental and Safety show.

    There is a new director whose name is Alex and I have implemented some new programs that will ultimately lead to more revenue so we can spend more on educating our members and the growing the industry. We are automating renewals which means the director can focus on more urgent matters instead of spending a week each month trying to gather everyone’s renewals. The organization has also started implementing a banner program and a badge program which allows for more revenue to come in each month. This goes into the education fund which gets spent on educating our members, helping our members revenue grow, and making the magazine even better. We are also looking into going to shows to gather leads so we can give them to our contributing members as another contributing members benefit. This will be happening throughout the 2017 year.

    The organization is always looking for ways to add new benefits to the membership. We will generate more revenue through these programs allowing us to go to shows like the NRA (National Restaurant Association). This in turn allows us to add more benefits to the contributing membership like giving leads based on areas. We want to give you as many benefits as we can and we are always working on gathering more.

    -UAMCC Director
    -Alex Hennessey
    Alex Hennessey
    Executive Director at UAMCC
    Hannah Reyer

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    Default Re: Alex Hennessey December 2nd Director's Report

    Excellent report. Thanks for the update Mr Director!
    Tony Evans
    A New View Exterior Cleaning
    UAMCC Vice President
    319-325-9475 Call or Text

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