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Biodegradable Truck Wash Chemicals

ReVamp Hawaii PW

New member
Does biodegradable detergents and aluminum brightners work as well as normal truck washing chemicals?
Any suggestion where I can purchase them?

ReVamp Hawaii PW

New member
Thanks Jim, I checked out the products and they sound good and Im planning on trying some.
Shipping cost for chemicals to Hawaii are rediculous and hazardous chemicals add $250 more for shipping on ocean. I want to start using more enviro frendly chemicals which will be safer and help to bring down cost. There are many companies out there that sell enviro frendly chemicals, but its hard to know which ones actually work. I hope these products work out for me. Thanks again.

David Vicars

New member
Stephen, I would give Russ's products a look. His customer service is off the charts and his knowledge is amazing.

Paul Kassander

UAMCC Associate Member
All detergents are biodegradable over time, time being the key word some break down faster than others. One thing that you need to consider as well is your Ph levels at discharge, that can cause great harm to the environment as well and is required to be at certain levels to be BMP compliant.