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Branding A Possible Contradiction In Terms

Bruce Sullivan

Contributing Member
I don't get on the forums much. Between my business, cedar network (22 members), professional roof cleaning association, exterior cleaning contractors directory, time is short.

I was looking through the 96,000 YouTube videos on roof cleaning. Just search YouTube "Roof Cleaning".

The one thing that jumped out at me was the branding some have. Titles like " Roof Cleaning-Pressure Washing" combined.
Not to mention all the web sites that have the same.

Strictly from a service "Branding" viewpoint this could infer roof cleaning must be done with a pressure washer. At least the possible perception.
Now this is not to say pressure washing or roof cleaning is bad, right or wrong etc. That debate is long pass and not the topic in this post.

What I am saying it could give the inference of combining a pressure washing with roof cleaning. In short, potentially sending the wrong message.

The one thing this industry has done better over the years is educate the home owner. Now with the buzz soft wash, roof cleaning/pressure washing combined could be viewed as a contradiction in terms.
Stickily from a service "Branding" viewpoint would it not be better to separate the two?

Given many are pressure washers who have now added roof cleaning to their service and market such. What effect does this have on their branding?
Again, most home owners today do not want a pressure washer near their roof. What is their possible perception when they see pressure washing & roof cleaning together?

So wouldn't it be prudent business strategy to separate the two for branding purposes?
Maybe two web sites as an example, one for roof cleaning, one for pressure washing services.
If I was a pressure washer, who also was a roof cleaner, I'd have one site Sullivan Pressure Washing, one Sullivan Roof Cleaning, for branding purposes only.

With this industry growing in leaps and bounds every year. Marketing/branding is becoming more important than ever.
So sending/marketing the right message/perception is important or all your efforts could be for nothing.

I think you see where I am going with this. When combining the two services under one branding you can open the door for misconception. Are they going to clean my roof with a pressure washer?
To avoid that even coming up or being considered, you may want to revisit your branding for the services you offer.

The issue isn't what you are going to do, it is what they perceive you are going to do that determines whether they call you or someone else.

We as cleaners get it. Potential customers don't. Even though you may explain it well, their first impression is pressure washing & roof cleaning together. In most cases.

Remember pressure washing and roof cleaning are two different services, with two different processes/applications. Most potential customers don't realize that.

This topic may have more benefit to the start up then the veteran who already has good branding.

Your branding is your service, who you are and what you do! Protect and build your branding. The field is filling up every day.

In the end, it is all about perception and what the potential customer perceives.

Food for thought.

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