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CLIPA - Christmas Light Installation Pro Association Irvine CA 92618

Kris Meyer

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CLIPA Con, the Christmas Light Installation Pro Association
Adress 8 Holland, Irvine, CA 92618

Phone (888) 552-5472
CLIPA Website

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CLIPA's Your Ultimate Christmas Solution Offering Sales, Marketing, & Installation Training!
Founded in 2017 by a passionate Facebook group of Christmas installers. Now CLIPA Con has
grown over 8,000 members united by a mission to elevate our industry.

CLIPA Con, is dedicated to fostering a supportive network for both professionals and consumers
of Christmas light installation services. We take pride in ensuring that our members are properly
qualified and trained, guaranteeing the highest level of satisfaction for every customer.

Why Choose CLIPA Con?
CIPA Offers Excellence to their Clients. Revolutionize Your Skills Today!
Gain Empowerment Through...

  • Comprehensive Trainings
  • Valuable Resources
  • Positive Networking
  • Over 16 Hours of Reference Materials

For Better Results Contact CLIPA's Expert Trainers...
Managing Partner -
Matt Hyden
Certified Trainer - Ryan Fox
Certified Trainer - Brett Mattison
Certified Trainer -
Ramone Jones
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Kris Meyer

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🏖️ San Diego CA
'24 is Headed to the Stunning Bahia Resort Hotel
📆 May 2-3, 2024

Sign Up Today for CLIPA Con '24 Unparalleled Excellence!

  • Residential Training.
  • Unleash Your Potential
  • *Note: Refunds are not permitted upon accessing CLIPAU.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑👭Bringing a Group?💲 Please Contact CLIPA for
Bulk Pricing at
(888) 552-5472

Join us at CLIPA Con 2024-San Diego CA


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Kris Meyer

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🎉 Shine Bright at CLIPA Con '24! You Can't Afford to Miss The Opportunity to Network, Learn, & Grow at CLIPA Con '24!🎉

💻Check Out This Exclusive Facebook Live with Ron Musgraves from Pressure Washing Institute & CLIPA's (Christmas Light Installation Pros Association) President Matt Hayden. Learn How To Elevate Your Christmas Light Business & Beyond!

🌟 Meet Matt Hayden, President of CLIPA
🌟 Matt Hayden has been a pivotal figure in the Christmas light industry since 2006. Working hard in crafting dazzling displays. While fostering a supportive community through CLIPA that was Established in 2017. A Haven for Installers to Share Knowledge and Grow Together!

Ron and Matt delve into CLIPA's journey from a Facebook group to a powerhouse of industry training and support. Discover how CLIPA offers invaluable trainings for newcomers and veterans alike. As they are equipping them with the skills to thrive in the Christmas light business.

Ron and Matt unveil the exciting lineup of speakers and workshops designed to elevate your business game.This isn't just about Christmas lights. It's a Business-Building Extravaganza! Learn how to Expand into Permanent Lighting Installations. Start Tapping into Lucrative Commercial Markets like Shopping Centers and Theme Parks.

Purchase Your Ticket To
CLIPA Con '24
🎟️ Facebook CLIPA CON 2024 San Diego Invite

📍 San Diego, California
🗓️ May (1st) 2nd & 3rd, 2024

📥(NOTE) May 1, 2024 Pre-Show Classes