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Huntsville Alabama Workshop

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Click on HERE for the Facebook page for the Huntsville Alabama Marketing Workshop to be held November 9th and 10th, looks a great even to hear some great speakers and get your marketing strategy tuned up.

You can click HERE if you want to register.

Not only does it cover marketing but Russ Johnson will be holding a 4 hour pressure washing equipment and maintenance class. Russ's class is worth the trip alone as it will save thousands you in machine repair costs over the years.

Russ Johnson

UAMCC Associate Member
Here's an outline of the class in case you're wondering what will be discussed.

Hour 1:
Basic trailer / truck set up
Pre-trip the rig
Engine troubleshooting
Why is there gas in my oil?
Charging systems
Valve and governor adjustment
Identifying oil leaks
Loss of power - what to look for

Hour 2:
Pump troubleshooting
Rebuilding the pump and what to look for
Unloaders - theory of operation - emergency fixes
Plumbing - to the pump through the gun

Hour 3:
Burner principles of operation
120 volt vs 12 volt pros & cons
Burner controls
Repair and adjustment

Hour 4:
Engine wiring systems
Machine circuitry
Burner wiring
Q & A

There will be a 10 minute break between each segment.
Come prepared for information overload!

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Sounds great Russ....but us 50 year olds need longer than 10 minute breaks if u know what I mean. Looking forward to seeing you again

Guy Blackmon

New member
Oh ok. Your the main one I wanted to hear. I thought sure I saw it somewhere.

Doug Rucker Clean and Green Solutions 281.883.8470
Well I never pass up the opportunity to look stupid in front of a bunch of people......Hahaha!!!

Actually I'm scared to death to be in front of a large crowd, I'm much better 1 on 1 or with a small group of people. Guess I better get over it... sponsoring a PM group luncheon coming up with over 20 Managers.