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I'm Qualifying for Roof Cleaning Certification: Jesse Baysden

Jesse Baysden

New member
Great! Thank you for your! What is my next step? Will there be a certificate coming or emblem for my truck? Again, thanks for the opportunity being involved with UAMCC. JESSE

Nate Swarr

Contributing Member
Within the next few days, we will be adding the emblem to your signature, and emailing you a copy of it for use for your website and other documentation. There will be changes made in the directory listing to reflect the certification as well.

As for emblems for your truck, they are not included in the certification. However, in the meantime, you can obtain them by purchasing them from any one of our associate printing companies. They also sometimes available for free at the UAMCC trade shows, and they may possibly be available for purchase in the future. Thanks, and again, congratulations!