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Power Washing and Roof Cleaning Fall Protection training video

Raymond Evangelista

Contributing Member
Good Morning

This is a great video for fall protection training for soft wash roof cleaning training.

I also recommend creating a punch list of things to review after the video and doing hands on training.

Record Keeping - When you have training or tool box talks make sure you have a sign in sheet where they sign and print their name, date the form, document what you are going over, staple a copy of the training material to the sign in sheet, and file it away in a safe place once you are done. When things get sideways with employees, they love to call OSHA and falsely accuse the employer of doing something wrong. Having these records proves that they lied and will show OSHA that you really care about your employees. If you ever get into trouble with OSHA or have a death or reportable injury, these records will buy you a lot of bonus points with OSHA and could drastically reduce your penalties.

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