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Preventative Maintenance Vs. Repairs

Ryan Cash

UAMCC Associate Member
How much time a week do you spend on preventative maintenance with your equipment? ]
How much time do you spend a week on equipment repairs.

Usually the two of these have a pretty strong correlation and most the time, new guys in the industry don’t consider this.

The more time you invest in taking care of your equipment, the less downtime you’ll have.

Here is a list of some of the recommended maintenance for the Rooftec XCS500. You may not need to do everything on this list, but you absolutely should consider putting together a maintenance chart for your machine!

Daily (And yes, I recommend doing this EVERY day!):

  1. Check Engine Oil and fill to proper level
  2. Inspect air intake and cooling areas, clean if required
  3. Check pump oil level and fill to proper level
  4. Run Neutratec Bleach neutralizer through any equipment that handled SH
  5. Rinse machine with fresh water
  6. Top off Gas tanks on machine
  7. Spray WD40 on all quick connects
  8. Inspect entire system for water and air leaks


  1. Check for leaks around unit
  2. Check wires and hoses for wear
  3. Perform a thorough cleaning of truck bed and cab
  4. Check battery terminals
  5. Inspect float valves in water tank for loose parts
  6. Run Bleach Neutralizer through system at the end of last job
  7. Check nozzle orifices on all spray guns/spinners, replace if necessary


  1. Check air cleaner on engine for damaged, dirty or loose parts
  2. Inspect drive belts for wear
  3. Inspect the fuel filter under the fuel cap. Clean as needed
  4. Check fastener tightness on all components, tighten as needed.
  5. Clean exterior of entire system
  6. Inspect all quick connects and hose connections for damage
  7. Check all safety gear and PPE for wear and proper function

These are just a few of the things you should be doing as a contractor to make sure that you minimize your downtime on the job and your equipment is performing as it should!

For the best Bleach Neutralizer to help maintain your equipment, give
Rooftec Neutratec a try!