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Pricing Guaranteed for shipping if you buy now from Soap Warehouse

Soap Warehouse

UAMCC Associate Member
Get Guaranteed shipping pricing from Soap Warehouse

If you buy now before 2/28/13 come April 1st, if the shipping cost for your order has come down, Soap Warehouse will rebate you the difference. So don't wait until April to order when fuel pricing may have gone up even higher than it is now, buy now and be guaranteed not to pay more than you have too.

Fuel Surcharges change each week and they have been going up almost every week since the first of the year and who knows how much longer or higher they will go in the next 30-45 days. Here is a way to be sure you won't pay more than what the cost of fuel is right now. If it goes up you have saved at today's prices and if it goes down you will save with a rebate. That is a win win, so go ahead and get your first of the season order on its way to be ready as soon as the temperatures warm up to get working.

Call 1-800-762-7911 to order or to see our product catalog with pricing visit www.soapwarehouse.biz