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Sand-faced brick

John Orr

UAMCC Treasurer
I've been wondering whether sand-faced brick is common in other areas of the country. Here in S.E. VA, there are more and more homes constructed with what look like white or beige brick. However, if you look closely and find a brick that is chipped, you'll discover that they are actually red brick with a sandy coating that rubs off. I have seen several homes that were ruined by being high-pressure washed around the foundation. There is no fix, only attempting to remove the coating from the entire house will even come close.

Here is a before and after of some steps that are constructed with sand-faced brick. I have sold many, many jobs simply because I was both aware of the need for caution and had the ability to get them clean.

IMG_0079.jpg IMG_0081.jpg

Henry Bockman

New member
I'm not sure what Celeste uses but I use special blend of mortar stains. You can match it perfectly with them and very easily. I'm now certified for doing this and also for historic restoration using these products. .