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Ugliest Color of Stain?

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Hey woodies...whats is the most ugliest color of stain you ever saw? Don't want to know the brand....just the color.

Post pics...:saai:

Florin Nutu

New member
I will post pics later...

I cleaned and brightened a grey and rotting deck and after I was done and gave them their normal color choices, they were adamant that they wanted the deck grey again. So we did a cape cod grey stain on there that I thought it looked like sheet but they loved it.

Len Sutton

Contributing Member
I got called out a few years ago to strip a deck on a house that was right on a golf course. I swear this deck looked like it had been stained with red mud. Then the owner tried to protect his stain job by applying two or three coats of clear sealer over the top of that. When I stripped the deck I got through the clear sealers and some of the red stain, but the deck turned Pepto Bismol pink. It looked real nice right there on the golf course. It was getting late so I told him I couldn't finish it and that I would be back to finish it up the next day. I bet it was a topic of conversation for a long time at the club house...


New member
This is the absolute UGLIEST stain color ever - looks like vomit in a can after eating a Big Whopper with Orange Soda....enjoy.


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New member
I had a neighbor do their deck in a "cedar" toned stain. Looked like motor oil was poured on it when it was done. Turns creamy when it rains and the water sits there too long.