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Water Reclamation


New member
Hi everyone.
I am looking to get a little bit of guidance on efficient ways for water reclamation or filtering of wash water from commercial trucks.
I’m just getting started in the fleet washing so I have very little knowledge. And I am also looking for a solution that is on the cheaper end that will get me by until I can work up to a better system financially.
I would be washing potentially 30-60 delivery trucks a month. (Box trucks, vans)
Obviously, the water can’t just be dumped into the storm drain.
I don’t have a truck or a water tank to pump the water into so if that is one of the only ways then I am planning on having to rent a truck for each time I would have to wash the trucks and be able to haul a water tank and dispose of the water somewhere.
I’ve also looked at a product called BATGuard, not sure if anyone has experience with this as a good solution?
Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much for helping out the new guys!