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HOA vinyl fence cleaning here in Tampa, FL

Javier Nevarez

New member
That seems to be very efficient...where would be the best place to get the "double lance wand", from your experience?...is there a certain kind or brand that is preffered?...and yes Doug, a video would be a great help...thanx for the input, its greatly appreciated!

Vic Irish

New member
Yes, please do! Video sounds like a great idea, Doug!
Joseph and Javier, thanks for your questions!!
This place rocks!

An adjustable wand, also called dual lance wand, will have a motorcycle style grip on it that you can turn w your hand. It's main purpose is for drawing chemical when you down streaming so you dont have to change tips. It has two "barrels" (like a double barrel shot gun)for lack of a better term, and one of the barrells has a low pressure chem tip in that is fixed. The other is used for your high pressure tips. When you turn the grip it will lessen the pressure and draw chem through that barrel. There is a certain point that you can turn and still use lower pressure with out drawing the chem.

Now if you are not downs streaming, then when you turn it you are just lowering your pressure at the gun.

I dont remember anything about an unloader nozzle, not sure what that is.

I will make a video and post here for all to see.