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12v Complete Gen 2 and 3 Skids end of the year sale @ Powerwashstore.com

Bill Wilson

UAMCC Associate Member
Generation II Twin Pump Complete Skid #5401S - $2350 sale ends 12/31/14

Soft Wash Twin Pump System-Green Cleaning at its Best! No Noise- No Pollution – No Damage!
Our custom built system boasts an impressive 5.0 gpm, up to 70 psi per pump, dual pump applicator.

With a 0 degree nozzle and 300‘ of 1/2" hose you will have the capability to shoot over 40‘, easily reaching 2 story peaks, no more ladders or wobbly extension poles. Used for roof cleaning, house washing and other chemical application.

Deluxe System Includes:
• Heavy duty 1/8" aircraft grade aluminum frame (only 15"X18" footprint)
• Dual 5gpm @ 70psi PWS Mega Flow pumps
• Dual 1/2" Inlets with corrosion resistant polypropylene Banjo Cam Lock quick connects
• Dual 40 mesh inlet filtration
• Dual 1/2" Outlets with corrosion resistant polypropylene Banjo Cam Lock quick connects
• Large marine battery box
• 300‘ 1/2" Poly-braid reinforced chemical line
• Plastic body chemical applicator gun with Viton seals
• 4 nozzle holder with #40 and #60 0º, 25º nozzles
• 20" stainless steel lance with quick connects
• Flojet Accumulator
• Titan hose reel with stainless steel plumbing
Mounted on 40 x 40 aluminum diamond plate skid, plumbed with two 55 gallon chem tanks.