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32 Year Old Cedar Shake Roof Cleaned

Bruce Sullivan

Contributing Member
Here is a 32 year old cedar shakes roof we just finished cleaning. Goes to show age isn't always the factor to consider with a cedar shakes roof when it comes to replacement.
All the roofers told the home owner their only option was replacement. The after picture doesn't reflect the true result because of the angle of the sun, but you get the idea.
It amazes me how, in most cases roofers, will tell the home owner replacement is needed because of the age of the roof.

When it comes to cedar shakes (wood) roofs. Age will play a factor but is only one factor to consider. Quality of the installation, grade of the shakes used, surrounding tree cover, has it be cleaned before, to name a few.
So we cleaned this roof and replaced a few missing shakes from normal wear. We'll be back in 6 to 8 years and clean it again.




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