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A goof up...

Don M.

New member
So when we are staining decks, we always keep the concrete wet below and there is never an issue. Well today I had one. The concrete dried out pretty fast and now I have a blob of stain on the concrete. I had nothing with me to try to get it out, so the homeowner was okay with it and I told him I would be back Monday to work on it.

Would muratic work? Any suggestions?


Ken Fenner

Don, I have the best success with Krud Kutter and a scrub brush. Takes multiple applications sometimes but I can usually get it out to acceptable levels.

Damaris Sutton

New member
Honestly I sprayed some of my stripper onto a couple of spots and scrubbed with a wire brush since it was a heavily brushed concrete finish anyhow and it came clean.

Sometimes you try things and it works. It seemed to make sense.

Paul Kassander

UAMCC Associate Member
I would be careful with the muriatic as you can burn or damage the concrete if it is too strong. You would be better suited with a stripper or acetone product like mentioned above.