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A question about attaching plastic to cedar siding

Don M.

New member
Hey all,

I just landed a 2000+sq ft deck restortation. The kicker is the house is cedar siding. My question is what is the best kind of tape or way to attach so heavy mill plastic to cedar. Its a 2 tier deck. So the bottom deck and the wall is going to get a lot of stripper product on it.

My inital gut tells me to prewet the heck out of the wall, then cover it. I just dont want to take a chance on the plastic falling off while I am above it on the top deck.



Mike Schoeben

New member
We like to use poly tarps with small spring clamps. They are heavy enough to keep chems off areas you need to protect, and the clamps dont poke holes in them. The tough part is figuring where to clamp them. On the underside of decks, we'll attach to the floor joists, right up next to the house. We use these on vinyl homes as well to cover windows and frames, and it eliminates any spotting on the glass or aluminum.

The nice thing about the tarps is, when your done washing just rinse them off and fold them up for reuse.

If you must use plastic, just fold it over on itself a couple of times at the point of attachment, then staple. That gives the staple some meat to hold on to.