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Acceptance of Jamie Schmidt’s Resignation twice in the last weeks

Kristy White

Contributing Member
UAMCC membership.

I will outline some events that have happened in the last 6 weeks

Jamie Schmidt made a video on November 2, 2018 about Rob Anderson which was unprofessional for a leader in our organization.

November 3, 2018. Jamie Schmidt turned in resignation to the BOD. Then posted it publicly.

November 4, 2018 Jeff Price resigned from BOD with out contacting the BOD first.

No one accepted their resignation. We wanted them as a board to reflect on their decisions and to make sure of their decisions before they were finally accepted.

November 4, 2018 set up a call at 1:00pm between Jamie Schmidt, Jeff Price, Ron Musgraves, and Kristy White

November 5, 2018 during the call Jamie Schmidt decided he would rescind his resignation. Jeff said he would call Me in a couple of hours to talk. Jeff contacted me by text and said he could call me in the morning. The next morning Jeff did not call. I made the decision to accept his resignation. After that he said that he got busy and didn’t follow through with contacting me. I told him I felt that I had given him enough time and the lack of communication was a problem. Jeff and I have each apologized to each other and Jeff will continue to support and help contractors in the organization.

On December 3, 2018 Jamie Schmidt posted a video about who broke confidence with Associate Director and Past President Ron Musgraves ( no confidence was broken) talked about the Jeff Price resignation, Jamie also stated he didn’t want to be a member of the organization after he called out a team member publicly with choice words that was unprofessional for a leader in our organization. I took this video as Jamie was resigning from the board again. Several other board members felt the same way. But I felt I needed to give Jamie time to reflect on his decision. This past couple of days was out of character for Jamie the positive member I thought I knew.

I am not perfect and have made mistakes along the way. I have learned a lot in the last couple of months. The first thing I have learned is that I will no longer think about someone resigning and giving them time to reflect. Once you resign it will be immediately be accepted and it will be posted on our official communication forum. This means if you post a video, a statement in the group or write a letter it all is the same.

On December 5, 2018 I made a call with George Clarke to ask Jamie about his intentions with the UAMCC. He did not answer nor call me back.

On Thursday December 6, 2018 I asked Jamie what his intentions were with his resignation from the board on the official BOD Facebook group. He posted he was still not sure. At that time I decided that with all the negative posting and behavior was not what I wanted out of leaders on our team. I decided to accept Jamie’s resignation. I was slow to respond because I was in Phoenix at the F9 training event where I taught a class.

I talked to all the board members that I could reach durning that time period. We together went over all our options. I chose to accept The video posted that Jamie had resigned again in a short amount of time and decided it was best for everyone to move on.

This decision can go to a vote with the Board is Directors or I can use the imminent threat clause and remove you from the UAMCC organization. Jamie that is the last thing I want to do. I know how much passion and help you have given fellow members but what you have done to this organization in this past week has to stop. I would not allow this to happen in my own business so why would you think it was okay to happen here.

About the Financials
Jamie you could have asked our accountant anytime to see the financials. We have only ever had President and Vice President as financial officers. Any member can request to see the financials in person upon request. As the new president of the organization I am currently planning to have yearly Audits in place but this will not happen until approximately April of 2019.

I want everyone to know that if I have an issue with an individual board member I will address it with them personally and not call them out in front of everyone else. I did address the confrontation between You Jamie and George Erskin. What I also saw was George apologize to you. Sometimes we all say things in heat of the moment. But we also have to accept an apology. It is how we learn and grow from a situation. Sitting on the Board being criticized by individuals that want to sit back and be armchair quarterbacks is getting old. For people to leave an organization over hearsay is just down right crazy. And the constant bashing and going out of your way to maliciously destroy a great organization that has and will continue to help contractors needs to stop. This organization is not for everyone. We all have to make the correct choices that support our own selves. If you choose to move on I wish you well but at least choose to make a difference in your life and someone else’s.

2019 is going to be a great year with some great new benefits being added. Thanks everyone that has reached out and supported us. You are the members that give us reason to continue to help.

I wanted to get the videos attached to this post as supporting documentation so everyone can see what I saw. I am flying home now and will get them posted as soon as possible.

Kristy White
UAMCC President

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Chris Kruppa

New member
Regarding Jeff's removal...did he contact you saying he still wanted to be on the board after his "resignation" was accepted for being late with the contact? Also, was he told there would be an order to place him back on the board?

Jamie Schmidt

New member
Nice statement now let’s uncover a couple lies. Number 1) After the video about Rob you told me personally out of your mouth that you wish I had the Uamcc shirt on during that video. Number 2) When you asked if I was resigning it was December 4th not 6th and I clearly said no I’m not & yes I have the screenshots to prove it. Number 3) You said on Dec 6th that you accept my resignation that I never did give you by the way, it was only when I asked for the financials as Treasurer that you accepted my resignation which again I never gave. Number 4) you forgot to mention that Jeff Price was told by you he was going to be put back on the board by you with a executive order. I never thought you would tell straight out lies but it appears I’m wrong because I just seen a few with my own eyes.

Tony Evans

Board of Director
Resignations are given in a variety of ways. On groups. Phone calls, videos, etc
You said I'm done in the video. That is a resignation.
All resignations are immediately effective. The only way to stay on the BOD is for the President to accept a rescinding of resignation.
Finally, once a resignation is accepted no one, not even the President can change it.
You may not agree with this but that's neither here nor there.
I wish you well as you move forward with your new ventures.

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Chris Kruppa

New member
1. "I'm done" isn't necessarily a resignation. That could be referring to a number of things. Did he say "I'm done, I want to resign?"
2. As of that point, resignations were not immediate and final.....Kristy just contradicted that statement in her post. She said that will be a new way of handling resignations, not that it was how you guys have always handled it.
3. As for the President not having any power to reinstate someone...do you know if Kristy told Jeff she would get him back on the board after he missed a certain time to call? I asked this question to Kristy as well.

Jamie Schmidt

New member
Tony what’s theses new ventures you speak of? Glad you chimed in, let’s hear how you really feel about the members? How many times have you told me when a member had a concern that that’s their problem they are either with us or against us? Come on Tony be a big boy and tell the truth.

David Miller

New member
Obviously there are individuals on the BOD that have bn o idea what a resignation is. Just because a person says I'm done doesnt mean you can assume he is resigning and remove him from the board. That's asinine!

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