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Amount of solution used on average per job?

Matt Hayes

New member
I use the 55 gal tanks with my soft wash system. It took me a whole tank to wash a 1560 sq ft house and another whole tank to spray the roof 6/12 pitch. Is this the norm or am I applying too much or too little?

Rance Tilley

Contributing Member
I don't have a Soft Wash System setup but via D/S 5-7 gals. for the house and maybe 30 gals. max for the roof using my dedicated roof pump.

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
For the the house that sounds a little much, for the roof it might be ok. Knowing how dirty the house and roof were and what your mix ratio was would help me to give you a better answer.

Dan Dykstra

Contributing Member
I would think you are spraying a little to heavy. When i do a roof and a house I may go thru 60 gals max total.

Matt Hayes

New member
I have done two roofs. One not so dirty the the other was about 2400 ft and only a couple of sections were real dirty. I used 11 gal shock 32 oz roof snot and 5 oz lemonade and about 40 gal water. Have applied 3 times to real dirty spots. The spots are not fully restored yet. Thankfully it is a family practice house. I think it is pecan tree drips or something that sticks well.

Chris Dubbs

65 gallons for roof average, and 3 gallons house wash average for me. I X-jet my house wash.

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Doug Gore

New member
I think you're just spraying too much chem. When I first started I did the exact same thing. I still had streaks and just kept applying. The forums helped tremendously and, with trial and error, I learned to spray thinner coats and use a lot more patience.

Today, on a 1600 SF home, with moderate stains, I would probably use 10 gallons of SH and 25 gallons of water on an asphalt shingle roof. the 35 gallon mix should do the job.

The house would depend on the cladding but probably a 1-2% mix and I would use about 10-15 gallons.....it really does not take much on a house wash.....