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Any industry news? I have some -

Tony Evans

Board of Director
I saw a post on Facebook from Troy Nelson the President of the Association of United Window Cleaners (AUWC) that they are disbanding the association. They will be throwing their support behind the Master Window Cleaners of America the group they broke away from several years ago. I have to admire the grit some showed in giving it all they had to keep things going but in the end the problems were too great to overcome.
I also just learned that the old National Window Cleaning Directory is no longer running. If you search for them you find their domain name has lapsed and is up for sale. Not sure what has happened to all the forum info though. It was my first forum experience and I met some very talented and passionate cleaners on that group. Some of whom I still talk to.

Vic Irish

New member
It's kind of like evolution, imo. We won't need window cleaning forums anymore when windows are replaced with force fields that act like insulation.
I suspect I won't be around to see it. :redface:

Till then, join the Masters. Great group of people that share their insights and eperiences. Just like UAMCC!

Tony Evans

Board of Director
I may yet make MWCoA my window cleaning association. Of course the UAMCC is where I hope to help make substantial industry changes. I also hope MWCoA members see the benefit of an all encompassing association like UAMCC.