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Any Work from Roofing Companies?

Scott Davis

New member
Yep. We have 2 that we get work from regularly. And when we have a customer who needs repairs, we refer them to those companies.

Florin Nutu

New member
I have not. But then again I have never really engaged in any networking with roofing companies. Alot of them in my area do their own washing when the weather turns and they cannot lay shingles.

Terry Miller

New member
We have a roofing company in our BNI Chapter. they refer us and we refer them. We are fairly new together but looks like a good thing. Just to extend your question, We have a siding company that has refered us to people and we have gotten over $3,000 so far from them. Not bad working with others. This is one seminar which could be very good for our members. "Working with others!"

Bryan Otten

New member
I also get work from another company's all type of work..Mostly apartment complexes. And I refer work to them. There is plenty of work out there for everybody.