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Apartment Complex Cleaning

Chris Tucker

New member
This is an OLD picture of our first roof cleaning truck, and the apartment complex in my hometown of Brandon, Florida she cleaned all by herself.
Yep, just me and her, and my ground man did this whole apartment complex.
Back when I did this job, I never dreamed about posting pics on the Internet.
Heck, back then I dont even think we had a web page :eek:
This truck is long gone, rusted out, turned to scrap.
I will never forget when my company was just Me, and a roof cleaning truck.


Chris Tucker

New member
Still using the truck Chris????
Oh gosh no Doug, she is at rest in a junkyard somewhere.
I get attached to every truck I have ever built. In fact, as she was towed away, I could not watch!
In fact, I could not even call the tow truck. My helper called in her death sentence. I just signed the title over.
Everytime I go back to the spot she used to sit at, I get emotional.


New member
Cleaning utility and components are another factor to be mentioned with cleaners. These may be offered by the house owner or introduced along by the cleaners. Apartment cleaners may suggest but should let the client choose which to use.