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Are you ready for a Natural Disaster?

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Are you prepared? Do you have the necessary personal items to get you and your family through a natural disaster. What emergency steps do you have in place so your are ready. Radio? Canned goods? Cash? Important documents? First aid kit? Extra Cell phone? Extra fuel? Generators?....the list goes on and on

Let us know if this is something you really are ready for. Any useful tips or suggestions are welcomed.

Eric Flynn

New member
Being that we are so close to Gulf, and because of Ike, Rita, Katrina...everyone is at that heightend awareness level.

They have said that a Cat5 will put our house underwater. Ike was mostly wind....hardly any rain.
I do know that while we were attending the Georgia RT, we had a bad storm that dropped several inches of rain. We live in a brand new subdivision but the water went all the way up to the garage. I can only imagine if he get the full brunt of a bad hurricane.

Because Eric and I are have always been invloved in the police/fire department, we have always had to stay during the hurricanes.
We coordinate with the grandparents to have the little guy evacuated.

Generator is ready.
Hurricane shutters are ready.
We are prepared for the next one.


Henry Bockman

New member
Thanks to the Navy, I can live off pretty much anything and protect my family. I have guns and plenty of amo for everything else.


New member
We have a back pack that has the essentials such as bandaids, a shaky flashlight, tylenol, and some energy bars and bottled water. The only natural disaster we would face would be Tornados or flooding. Not too much flooding cause we are on the high end of the hills...lol.

Dave Olson

New member
Last year at this time we were battling too much rain!

Storm and sanitary drains were backing up at the same time!!

Our insurance company settled for almost $5,000.00 to cover our expenses of cleaning up our basement!

No matter how many resources you have during a flash flood you need everything all at once!!