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Armstrong Clark and TheSealerStore Contest!

DJ Carroll

New member
Scott I don't have my account over there anymore . . . here are my pics . .. the stripper and the stain are both fantastic products!!!!


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Ken Fenner

DJ, don't use a roller on a deck. Not only do they overapply product, but they leave that horrible tiger striping between the boards. That's a pet peeve of mine.

Damaris Sutton

New member
something that drives me crazy is when I see homeowners come from the box store with a "paint tray" That thing is so slow and useless. I like what you have done DJ with your business and being so young, but under no circumstance...ever...ever...ever...evereverever use a paint tray. If you are not careful you can splash the stain over the sides and if it is a hot day you will have some big trouble when it dries and overlaps.

I have homeowners try to let me use their equipment. The trusted paint stick, the throw away flared out brush to cut in those "FINE" lines and then the paint tray with no roller pole. Did I forget the wood ladder with the 125 duty rating?

Not a knock on you DJ, just the funny stuff I run into with homeowners.