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Bidding on a large Gutter Cleanout project

Walt Edwards

New member
I've received an RFQ for the following
Detailed Requirements

  1. Inspect all gutters and down spouts.
  2. Clear all gutters and down spouts of debris.
  3. Clean and flush gutters and down spouts to ensure water drains properly.
  4. Remove leaves and other debris that have accumulated on the flat portions or valleys.
  5. Clean up leaves and other debris that has been flushed from the gutters.

On site visit revealed there are 95 upper scale 2 two story townhouses that average about 2200 SF each. Ballpark measurement of gutters and down spouts is about 22000 Linear feet. I've never quoted one this big so I'm just getting a feel to see if I'm in the ballpark. My bid was 17K plus. Does this sound in the ballpark of what others would be charging in this area? They have indicated a yearly cleanout. Thanks

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
I usually price these by the job as the grade sometimes can be different on buildings, meaning access issues, trees can sometimes be overhanging on some buildings and then not others, and then the amount of ladder work required plays in to it too. So I have to look at the difference of can we walk the roofs and clean them out or do some or all have to be done from a ladder. Your price, which I am coming to is about 1.30 a linear foot, may be a little high, but I have no idea of the pricing for you area. Good Luck and let us know how it comes out,

Walt Edwards

New member
Thanks for the input Doug. I will look closer at the numbers but I was try to figure on the linear feet and that's in the.75 cents range. I'm I looking at it wrong maybe?

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John Burdine Jr

Contributing Member
If its walkable, we charge around $.70 per linear on normal single family jobs. The water flush definitely adds to the cost but the scale definitely lowers the per foot rate. I don't see this taking 2 guys more than 3 or 4 days. I'd guess you can lower your price and still make a nice profit. Also, in my area gutter cleaning is super cut throat, so if you want the job you need to either sell on quality or hear from someone in your area on your local rates.

Walt Edwards

New member
Thanks for the input. Some very useful info. I've already submitted the bid, so hopefully I'll get it. If not, maybe I can find out what the winning amount was and adjust for the future accordingly. I spoke to a person in the area who once did gutters in this area with no flushing and he said he normally went around .55 cents a linear and that was 3 or 4 years ago. So I'm in the ballpark I think.